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antique jewlery

At Mega  Buyers in New York City we focus on the liquidation of family properties, buying classic, contemporary and estate jewelry for cash in the NYC Area. Actually we’re among the biggest buyers of estate jewelry in the United States. If you’re considering selling your jewelry please contact us before you consider a lower offer from the local jewelry store.

We offer a top price for greater high-quality classic, contemporary jewelry, antique and estate items. We’ve a choice of contemporary and antique jewelry items including bracelets, watches, earrings and bands. Although we pride ourselves on customer service and focus on detail, we’re ready to provide our jewelry at competitive prices. If you don’t find if we buy a particular brand or item in what you’re searching for on the following pages don’t hesitate to contact us, pretty much if it has gold in it we will buy it, and it will be much higher then the scrap metal value as we appreciate and pay a premium for high quality vintage jewelry pieces. 

AntiqueŸ jewelry means jewelry that’s 100 or even more years old, and it has several characteristics that only collectors and specialists like us could enjoy and evaluate correctly.

While other jewelry buyers pay just the scrap value of the item (price of the gold/silver when it’s melted down). We evaluate each bit of jewelry not just because of its intrinsic worth, but in addition for its artistic value, desirability, and design. Our team brings on a mixed 50 years of expertise and we sometimes look all over the world for a particular piece of jewelry, producing the maximum value from your purchase. We want any item worth any amount from any vintage jewelry collection, period!