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Diamond Jewelry for Cash

Selling Diamond Jewelry For Cash

Many of us have a tendency of accumulating large amounts of designer jewelry engulfed in diamonds because they are just so irresistible, sparkly, and gorgeous. However after years of collecting you may have large sums of diamond jewelry that just goes unworn and out of style.

If you would like to sell your diamond jewelry for cash, coming to Metropolitan Buyers is a promise for a trustworthy and beneficial selling experience. Rings, brooches, necklaces, and any other jewelry is wanted at all times.Any color or sized diamond is a valuable asset for us to buy and resell at a price you will know of and agree with.


Selling diamond jewelry is a profitable experience, the more you have to offer the more money you will earn. You then will have money to spend, and a jewelry box free of unworn accessories. Our process is simple, easy, and fast too. You can call us with any questions or come into our office in Manhattan. We can’t wait to buy your diamond jewelry!

For more information on our Diamond Jewelry buying business, click here

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Selling Gold Coins For Cash

Gold is a chemical element used in jewelry, teeth restorations, anti-inflammatory medicines, and more. Its purity makes it desirable to be worn since past centuries and will continue to shine in future generation. even a gold tooth is an appealing accessory. Gold is worth a lot of money per gram, karat, and especially, per ounce. Whether in coin form or made into jewelry, selling your gold is a guaranteed profit.

However, be cautious. Never sell your gold to “We Sell Gold” buyers that highlight every street corner in every town. Find a trustworthy buyer, such as Metropolitan Buyers. Gold buyers on local streets may be a fast and easy way

to getting cash, but it is no secret that you could be missing out on the true value of your gold. Metropolitan promises to pay top dollar for 1 karat of gold and more.

Selling gold is a great idea if you’re looking to invest in a vacation, car upgrades, tackle bills, or maybe simply a new wardrobe. If you are looking to make charitable donations, selling gold can bring you very far.

If you’re selling gold coins, charms, pendants, or other forms of gold, come to Metropolitan Buyers. Turn your gold coins into green cash. We are available Monday through Saturday to answer any questions regarding your gold selling inquiries. Selling your gold should be an investment for you, we always give you face value of your gold and tell you how much we resell it for.



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Sell Rolex Watches

Selling Rolex Watches

With various designs to choose from, it is no wonder that Rolex is one of the biggest selling designer watch company in the world. From luxurious, to casual, to business professional, the options are endless and the company continues to produce the most wanted and desirable watches. Rolex watches may be upgraded yearly, but their face value always remains. 

As Rolex upgrades their styles, you may want to upgrade your watch game. However, perhaps it isn’t in your budget to buy a new watch especially when your old one works wonderfully. A grand idea would be to sell Rolex for top dollar in NYC‘s Metropolitan Buyers. Metropolitan Buyers regard the value of your watch and believe that Rolex watches can be traded in and resold at high prices. We effectively honor great customer service by offering an appraisal for your watch with no obligation to sell. We buy your watches and resell them to the public, because somewhere, someone wants your unworn Rolex.


Earning top-dollar for your watch allows you to go back to Rolex and upgrade your wardrobe once more. Continue to check the time in style and with elegance by selling your unworn Rolex to Metropolitan Buyers, then go and treat yourself

We offer you a price for your watch and also let you know what we will be reselling it for. We will have an appraisal for you within 24 hours of meeting you-and your watch. You can conveniently enter our location in NYC, call, or submit the form provided on our website.


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Tips on Selling Used Luxury Watches

sell luxury watch, sell watches online, sell used watch, sell watch for the highest cash

In this article, we will provide some useful tips to get the maximum value for your used luxury watches. 

Keep Watch in a Good Condition

Firstly, your watches should be in a good condition before getting an appraisal from a buyer. Giving watch an outside clean really works in order to get a higher value for your luxury watch. If there is a scratch, you should also consider getting the watch polished at your watch dealer.

Be Aware of the Market Trends

You need to learn about the market to find out the right pathway and right time to sell your watches.

Keep the Original Packaging

You should provide the papers and boxes if you have kept them with your luxury watch.

Know the Product

Doing some researches about features and prices really helps while evaluating the value of your watches. There are plenty of websites you can get information about the watches and their prices.

Prefer Selling Online

Because of the high competition among online buyers,  there is a high probability that they provide the highest value for your luxury watches.

If you have a luxury watch and have already decided to sell it, Metropolitanbuyers.com is the best place to sell your used watch online for the best value. We are located at 47 W 47th St #2e, New York, NY 10036. Our office ours are Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM.


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The basics of selling gold in NYC

What’s the perfect strategy to sell gold? Today, you can buy and sell gold online although the convenience has a price, as selling gold locally, is the more preferred choice in getting the most cash for gold.

Can I Sell Gold Coins Locally ?

A lot of the time, folks wish to sell gold coins and more that has no use any more. This is only because there’s a guarantee on the number along with quality of pure coins, making it simpler to sell it to dealers anywhere in the world. Largely, the dealers are aware of the current gold value.

Should you want to sell your gold in the form of bars, you must contact many dealers to get a fair deal. Gold in the gold bars is “hidden.” It’s possible for you to see the marks protruding out of the bar. That makes it difficult to calculate the exact quantity of gold as the value and innocence of it is not ensured. But if you’re apprehensive to sell it as bars, you can turn it into jewelry.

How To Sell Gold?

It’s enjoying a high value now. The fascinating thing happening in the gold market is the fact that many it’s dealers choose to avoid customers wanting to sell it is jewelry in the hope that the prices will come back on track. In the perfect case, a dealer will be pleased to provide you a small premium on gold for sell.

Where To Sell Gold?

To sell it, you don’t need to drive to the dealer. Gold buying and selling can take place over the internet. A great number of firms have gone online with the notion of providing you a safe and convenient place to sell it’s jewelry or sell it for immediate cash, but it’s best to sell your gold locally to a place like Metropolitan Gold Buyers.

A lot of the times, the dealers are conscious of the current gold value in the market. Nonetheless, you can always find an ongoing debate on the price graph of gold. Therefore, you should look around before selecting a website saying “gold buy sell”. Search for the best price in your pursuit to sell it. The standard value of it is updated and known by everyone; hence, you wouldn’t find much discrepancy here. However, there could be a slight difference in the percentage of premium provided by dealers.

The principles to sell it remain the same irrespective of the location the person is residing in. Once you know them, you can proudly say, “I can sell my gold at high prices.”

Thanks to the widespread usage of the internet, you can locate a sizable number of gold buyers and reviews offering buy sell gold services. In the event you have gold to sell, you need to enroll on the website and accept the terms and conditions mentioned therein. It’s possible for you to sell gold necklaces, earrings, cuff links, brooches, watches, rings, and other things, even sell gold scrap!

While the principles to sell gold remain the same, selling this piece of precious yellow metal has got fairly simpler, faster, and more convenient. Thanks to online services supplying gold sell and buy.

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Tips for selling estate jewelry in NYC

Are you interested in selling estate jewelry in NYC? In the event you have inherited some jewelry or if you just have a bunch of old gold jewelry which you are wanting to turn a quick profit on, there are several matters that you must consider before you sell your jewelry. You may have even found some jewelry at an estate sale or a yard sale and are thinking about how you can turn it into some cash, where someone has overlooked its real value. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction in order that you can get the most money.

How can you ascertain the value of your estate jewelry?

Obviously, you should sort through all of the jewelry to determine if it really is created of precious metal or not. A large amount of your estate jewelry is probably costume or fake jewelry. Large gaudy stones are often a dead giveaway on ascertaining if the jewelry is genuine or not. This kind of jewelry has some built-in value, but generally not a whole lot. You might consider selling the costume jewelry on an online auction website.

The next thing to do is to give your estate jewelry the magnet test. Just take a magnet and pass it across the jewelry. Some of the jewelry that’s not made of precious metal will stick to the magnet. Again, these bits most likely don’t have a lot of value.

Now that you have sorted through most of the pieces, take a close look in the jewelry to find out if it has a authentication stamp somewhere on the piece. The hallmark for gold will likely be the karat stamp. The karat stamp will usually be on the inside of rings, on the clasp of necklaces and bracelets, or on the post of earrings. The karat stamp will be 10k, 14k, or 18k. The higher the karat, the more valuable it is. Silver will usually be marked with “sterling” or “sterling silver”. In case you have some jewels that look like they may be diamonds, take those to a jeweler to have them scrutinized.

Now that you have sorted out the jewelry that’s real, you are halfway there. These kinds of pieces are where the real value lies in estate jewelry. Most folks don’t have any idea how much value there is in their gold and silver jewelry, and that means you should be sure that you do your homework before you sell any of it.

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Some Sparkling Ideas to Sell Your Diamonds

Selling loose diamonds for cash is a great way to get cash when needed and can be very lucrative  although you should be aware of the wholesale vs retail diamond market and realize most of the times it is not really an investment, just a way of getting cash when needed. Sell diamonds in NYC to a reputable diamond buyer. Contrary to other kinds of investments, diamonds lack a value that is fungible although they stand up in the liquidity segment. Before you try to put your diamonds up on sale, make some attempt to find out about their true market value.

A gemologist laboratory or a qualified appraiser will be able to help you to determine the current market value of your precious stones. You’ll be given an appraisal report that has an evaluation on the basis of the 4 C’s of your diamonds which are carat, cut, clarity as well as color.

They do certify your diamonds but do not put any market value on them. Yet certification is a vital instrument to establish the value of your diamonds. Equipped having a diamond certificate, the jewelry marketplace can be explored by you to know the type of a deal your diamonds can crack!

Create an ad backed with helpful photos providing all the information on the diamonds being sold. You can put up this advertisement on your private website or in your local paper online. But till then do safe keep your precious diamonds in a banker locker or another location that is protected. For your own security constantly try to meet with the curious parties in public places whenever you need to show your diamonds.

There are several areas to hold internet auctions like Ubid and eBay, Etsy, Main Street Fair and all are not bad so long as there are not any hidden fees billed for the services they supply.

Then you can sell them to a jeweler, in case you are averse to selling your diamonds directly. You are able to make a start by revealing your accredited diamonds to the neighborhood jewelers. The jeweler or another retailer understood to him may want to consider buying your free diamonds. High end jewelers can also be good alternatives to whom you can reveal your diamonds put up available. Make it a place to offer all information which you have about your diamonds. You can schedule a meeting with them for diamond screening, if they are interested. If a growing number of diamonds are owned by you and wish to sell them fairly frequently, the best choice is always to become a professional diamond dealer yourself. A diamond dealer acts as a broker between the seller and the buyer in diamond transactions. Being a middle man diamond dealer may be a profitable proposition as you can make plenty of fee throughout the transactions. Equipped with a few basic transaction training associated with diamond sale, you can be a section of the network of wholesalers, diamond retailers and diamond cutters. The American Gem Society offers home study classes concerning the diamond industry which will be able to help you to get certification from the Jewelers Education Foundation. As a registered jeweler you may have thorough knowledge about the diamonds as well as the ethics and standards of the diamond industry. It is possible to thus learn how to sell diamonds in a more profitable way in the ever changing, volatile gold jewelry market.

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Where to sell jewelry in NYC

Read this before you sell your gold jewelry in NYC!

In this challenging market, an increasing number of people are selling their gold jewelry for cash.

There certainly are a couple of things you should know BEFORE you sell your scrap,damaged, broken and unwanted gold chains, earrings, bracelets, watches and rings.

What’s your gold worth now?

So how do you figure out the price per gram weight on gold? It’s a little complicated. When your gold is bought, it’s subsequently sent to a refiner. The refiner has a large amount of overhead expenses, including costly equipment for environmental limitations (alloys can contain quite harmful agents), acids, job, etc. plus there are impurities also. Your 14K gold might not be just 14K gold. Unless it states “14K P” on the hallmark of your jewelry, it likely is a tad less than 14K. The “P” means Plumb, or just 14K. The refinery will normally charge a 12 to 15% fee for refining your gold or silver down.

It is possible to find the present price of gold (spot price) online. If the gold is about $ 1500 per oz. That means 14K will probably be worth: 1500 X.0168 = $ 25.20 per gram to the person that buys your gold. A good price for you to get now for 14K gold would be $17.00 per g.

What you should know:

1. If your jewelry has a gemstone(s) in it, chances are you will be giving it to the gold buyer. Virtually all of the buyers have an interest in ONE THING – the GOLD. A few of them don’t have a clue about colored gemstones. They generally know about diamonds, but very few know anything about gemstones. You will be paid per gram rate for the gemstone by some of those buyers, particularly when it’s small to medium size. It is more easy for them just to weigh the entire piece of jewelry and pay you – besides, they’re will afford to do the transaction this way, and generally making a lot of cash on it. It may not be a great deal for you yet. For example… let’s say you have a 14K gold ring using a little blue gemstone within it. That might great for you if that blue stone is quartz or topaz (less expensive colored gemstones), but what if it is Apatite, Zircon, Aquamarine, Spinel, Blue Diamond, Sapphire, Paraiba or Indicolite Tourmaline,… etc.? Any of these gemstones have become valuable, also it probably would be a great idea to get rid of the gemstone and either reset it in a setting that you sell or will wear it. The conversion from Carats to Grams (what your gold is measured in) is: 5 Carats = 1 Gram. So, let’s say you possess a 5 carat you and Paraiba Tourmaline choose to leave it within the setting. (1 gram). (This is an extraordinary case, as Paraiba Tourmaline is copper-bearing and extremely rare, but it exemplifies the purpose).

2. Let us say you want to have a gold buying bash. Each of your pals reach the party making use of their gold jewelry that they need that extra cash that their jewelry might bring and don’t wear anymore. Did you do any price comparisons? There certainly are a lot of people who put on these celebrations and make a fortune – on your jewelry. Do your homework! ASK THE IMPORTANT QUESTION – HOW MUCH WILL THEY PAY PER GRAM FOR 22K, 10K, 14K, 18K, Silver and PLATINUM jewelry. It’s much better to work with an established, local resource because of this celebration. Inquire about security. Exactly how many people will be there from the purchaser’s business?

3. As of this week, gold is at an all-time high, together with the price for 14K to be at about $ 25. per gram. That means a FAIR Gold Buyer will purchase your 14K gold jewelry for about $15. per g. That’s a good price. $9 is being paid by some of the people who are putting on gold buying celebrations in your home, or in their shops. or $10. per g – that is a ripoff! Just ask them how much they pay comparison shop, and per gram. This could save you hundreds of dollars!

4. What about Gold Gold Plated Filled and Silver Jewelry? That is valuable too… same applies – request the gold buyer what they will pay per gram, and price store – it is worth your time.

5. Do not ever – I repeat – ever send in your gold jewelry to anyone for conversion to cash. They can rip you off any number of methods, i.e., underestimate the g weight in their benefit, etc. As soon as they have your jewelry, it is out of your control.

6. Be VERY cautious of the new gold buying stores that are popping up everywhere. You’ll not fare much worse at an established store that was there for a long time. I might give them your company whether it is a jewelry store or a pawn shop. I might give their per gram price the opportunity to match the price, if they is less than their competition. These gold buying shops that pop up are generally a satellite shop of a large business far away, can badly damage your longtime trusted local businesses plus are there for a short time.

7. Recently, was a gold buying set up at a nearby Holiday Inn. I was SHOCKED at how people did not even comprehend that they were getting ripped off, and didn’t inquire what they’d be paid per g. It turned out to be $ 5.00/g. One woman had 63 grams of 14K gold (most individuals had more gold for sale). She didn’t comprehend that a good price for her broken and unwanted jewelry should have been $1,008.00.

8. The current TREND right now is Antique/Designer Jewelry. In the event you have really fine piece of Antique Jewelry, and you can’t keep it, get it appraised by a reputable Jeweler – but don’t tell them that you wish to sell it (they may quote you a very low appraisal and attempt to buy it themselves). You may want to test eBay. It’s going to be better than the scrap prices offered, although you may only get wholesale pricing on the jewelry.

9. Remember – the buying and selling of jewelry might be a lot just like the automobile company. They talk “deals”, and a number of them apply the same selling strategies. In the event you want to buy some new jewelry, treat your unwanted jewelry like a used car tradein. Get the appraisal on the jewelry first, including the gram weight, then negotiate on the new purchase.

In overview:

— constantly ask exactly what the buyer is prepared to cover 10K per g, 14K, 18K, 22K, Silver and Platinum

— never send your gold for cash

— try to work with a local merchant (Pawn Broker or Jewelry Store). Give them the opportunity to match the price from the popup gold buyer, when they offer less per g

— just utilize a reputable source that is LOCAL if you intend to possess a gold buying celebration; be security conscious and shop for the very best price per g

— discover what the gemstones have been in the unwanted jewelry before selling it… if they’re worth anything, remove them

Contact metropolitan buyers if you have any questions regarding gold and jewelry.

47 W 47th St #2c
(646) 820-3052


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Selling Scrap Gold in NYC

You are not by yourself, if you are wondering where to sell scrap gold in NYC . There are thousands of people that are searching for the right place to sell due to the current price of gold.

Understanding where to sell scrap gold is very important since it can mean the difference between getting the least amount of money or the most for your items. Some of the very popular areas to sell gold items are online gold buyers, gold parties and pawn shops or jewelry stores. You’ll find that a local gold buyer is the top choice.

Where To Sell Scrap Gold

An local gold buyer is the simplest business to deal with because you do not have to go everywhere to sell your things. We are conveniently located in NYC and accessible by all public transportation company is going to supply every customer with a free gold kit that contains a postage paid envelope. When the package is received, the company send the payment out instantly and will process its contents. This company is always to best to deal with because they offer the most money for the quickest service and also your items.

A gold party is THE WORST WAY TO SELL YOUR GOLD! Gold parties are another example of the way in which an individual can sell their gold scrap. People will be amongst friends and family as they meet individually with a gold buyer by attending any of these celebrations. This gold buyer present cash on the spot to your and will consider all your gold items. Individuals will get offered very little are not able to get the full amount that a local gold buyer will buy you.

Pawn shops and jewelry stores could be found in your neighborhood, however they require customers to come to them and most are not in the best of locations. At the pawn shop you will probably get the smallest sum of money for your items. To be able to get the most effective price for your things, you will have to visit multiple places in case you are thinking about selling your things to a jewelry store.

To be able to get the most funds for your items you have to know where to sell scrap gold and Metropolitan Buyers is the best place to sell scrap gold voted by our customers in terms of customer service and convenience are second to none.

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