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georg jensen

eorg Jensen products are known to be the finest in Danish silver in the world. Georg Jensen jewelry brings high prices and it is highly desired by us. Mega Buyers will purchase any authentic Georg Jensen product and will spend more than any other buyer in the market and will be willing to pay additional costs to customer for these items.

Georg Jensen was founded in 1866 near Copenhagen and began their own little silversmith shop in 1904. Their original works are like of a clay artist that might mold the spectacular designs of his sterling silver brooches and jewelry designs.

Their work was easily appreciated by the community and by the end of the 1920’s Georg opened stores in New York, London, Paris, Stockholm and Sweden. Jensen died in 1935 but his title and organization continued from what it’s today.

Please contact us with specifics relating to your Georg Jensen item available or bring them into our midtown Manhattan Georg Jensen buying location at 47 West 47th St #2c.

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