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Sell Your Piaget Watch for Top Dollar in NYC!

We love Piaget watches! Feel free to call our number to make an appointment or stop by our location so we can assess your Piaget watch. We want you to receive the most amount of money back for your watch. 

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The following is a list of some Piaget watches that we will accept:

  • -Altiplano Ultra-Thin, Mechanical, White Gold
  • -Altiplano Ultra-Thin, Automatic, White Gold
  • -Altiplano Ultra-Thin, Automatic, Rose Gold
  • -Limelight Gala Diamond, Rose Gold
  • -Limelight Gala Diamond, White Gold
  • -Limelight Gala Mechanical, White Gold, Diamonds
  • -Piaget Polo S Chronograph, Automatic, Steel
  • -Piaget Polo S Automatic, Steel
  • -Possession Diamond, White Gold
  • -Possession Diamond, Rose Gold
  • -Classic Jewelry Diamond, White Gold
  • -Classic Jewelry Diamond, Rose Gold
  • -Traditional Diamond, White Gold
  • -Traditional Ultra-Thin, Mechanical Movement, White Gold, Diamonds
  • -Limelight Stella Moon Phase, Automatic, Rose Gold, Diamonds
  • -Limelight Tonneau-Shaped Mechanical, Rose Gold, Diamonds
  • -Piaget Vintage Inspiration Automatic, White Gold
  • -Piaget Emperador Cushion Tourbillion, Skeleton, Automatic, Rose Gold
  • -Limelight Mechanical, White Gold, Diamonds
  • -Limelight Aura, Ultra-Thin, Mechanical, White Gold, Diamonds


*Text paraphrased from, informed by Wikipedia and Piaget website pages