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To sell a Rolex call us for a free phone appraisal on your pre-owned, used or new Rolex watch, or fill out the form to the right to receive an estimate. We are located in NYC’s Diamond District and are one of the finest places in the tri-state area to sell your Rolex watch for cash.

Where can I sell my Rolex watch for top dollar?

Rolex sells over $4 Billion dollars each year in new watches rendering it undoubtedly the biggest luxury watch supplier in the world. Nevertheless, it will come as no surprise that the preowned Rolex watch (or used Rolex watch) market is exponentially larger. Some industry experts maintain the industry has generated $100 billion dollars and growing. This helps explain why “sell my Rolex” is one among the most widely used searched phrases in Google and other search engines. Additionally, Rolex is obviously developing and establishing new stylish watch models annually like the new Rolex Datejust II and the new Rolex Submariner with a Ceramic Bezel.  This new found requirement leaves current Rolex clients wondering where could I sell my Rolex,

 or trade it in so I can purchase this new one. Mega Buyers makes it simple and safe for vendors with its new mail in watch selling program or walk in location. So if you’re inquiring about selling a Rolex watch and want the best price possible, choose Mega Buyers. We make it easy and efficient to sell your Rolex for the greatest market value in a totally transparent environment. Find the value of a Rolex watch by simply submitting the form to the right.

Typical Rolex Models We Buy (mens and ladies)

  • Sell Rolex GMT Master II
  • Sell Rolex Submariner
  • Sell Rolex Daytona
  • Sell Rolex Datejust
  • Sell Rolex Sea Dweller
  • Sell Rolex President

Whether you’re a proficient Rolex collector or new to the industry, you’ve attained the best spot to sell Rolex watches. The Preowned Rolex Change at allows you to buy, sell, and trade at published market prices. Checkout our “buy” and “sell” prices right here online. As one of the State’s leading online retailer of pre-owned Rolex watches, we get many calls every day from people that are planning to “sell a Rolex”, “sell my Rolex”, “selling a Rolex watch”, or even “how to sell my Rolex watch”.

Selling a pre owned Rolex watch may seem like there is no easy solution. Where do you sell, what’s it worth, and who will I trust are merely some of the issues that Rolex owners appear to wrestle with. Quite often, because of our stressful, busy lifestyles, it is usually easier to just keep it in the best dresser draw or the security deposit box. Many Rolex watch owners, Rolex Submariner owners in particular, are greater networth individuals whose time is valuable. So here at Mega Buyers, we’ve held that at heart when we developed a sell Rolex plan for owners who wish to either sell or business for a different model. Here are a handful of the key possibilities for individuals trying to sell Rolex watch styles:

  • List it on ebay
  • List it on Craigslist
  • Find a local jeweler who might or may not know the real market value
  • Send it to Mega Buyers Watches

    Listing a product like a Rolex watch on ebay is not an easy solution. First-off, you need a longtime ebay account and PayPal that most private sellers do not have. More importantly, most private suppliers are not experienced on the best way to record the merchandise, how to price it, and after that headache with obtaining the money from potentially illegal buyers.

Craigslist: even when you did recognize the proper value to sell the watch, do you really would like buyers visiting your property to buy your watch? or worse, meeting them somewhere?

Local Jewelers: While that is sometimes a fair alternative for retailers, most regular jewelers won’t recognize the updated economy value of the watch and will not need the reliable sell marketplace to resell the product. Hence, it is unlikely you will get the best price for your pre-owned Rolex with this program.

Mega Buyers Watches: Among the major reasons we created Mega  Buyers was to determine an effective industry with a reliable customer and seller. Since there was such a gap in the marketplace for this kind of watch buying company, we have enjoyed outstanding success by giving better value for the retailer and for the buyer also. A lot of people planning to sell Rolex watches only want to understand what is it worth and what is a good price I can get for it. That is precisely why at Mega Buyers, we show you the cost we are buying it for and selling it for right there in monochrome. So if you also are wondering, where could I sell my Rolex watch for the best price, then call Mega Buyers Watches toll free at 212-300-6406. We make selling Rolex watches easy and convenient while still paying you the complete market price for your wristwatch.

Why Sell Your Rolex to Us?

Simple. You will get full fair market value at prices you can see:

Trust: Great reviews and satisfied customers, cash is wired same day.
Ethics: Mega  Buyers is the only supplier to write their “BUY” and “SELL” prices.
Value: The Rolex Trade operates to accomplish an efficient market for buyers and sellers
Recommendations: Read through to what our clients are saying about us
Unlike other watch dealers that sell numerous brands of watches, Mega  Buyers only buys and sells Rolex, so you can rest assured that you’ll be buying and-or selling at as much as the market valuations.Our inventory provides clients strong and various collections that changes daily. So whether you are looking to sell a Men’s Rolex submariner, or even to sell a Women Yachtmaster, we are comfortable you will find our costs and assortment among the best in the business. Be sure to check back daily as new stock is added continuously.

The more info you enter the more correct our appraisal of the Rolex watch will be. It’d be very much appreciated if you also included a photo of the watch.

After you send your watch we’ll appraise your watch and contact you back or email you within 24 hours having an estimate/offer. If you accept your estimate we offer you instructions on the best way to ship your watch to us and once we get it we will instantly send you your money. If anytime you’d like your watch back contact or email us and we quickly send it back to you.

Please call us at (212)300-6406 if you’ve any questions we’d be glad to assist! Or if you have a Rolex to sell, please complete the Sell Rolex form above demands just a few simple questions about the Rolex you want to sell. We will then call you back soon thereafter and-or send you and email with the industry estimate of the watch.

Rolex sells thousands of new watches every year, and here at Mega  Buyers we realize that a number of these owners often do not like their watch anymore, or can use the money that their Rolex watch is worth. Our goal is to produce the means of selling simple, fast, and secure. We buy watches each day from throughout the region through the mail, but are also available to walk-ins to our New York City site to sell your Rolex or buy at unbeatable prices. Whatever your reason will be to sell, Metropolitan Buyers is the area for you if you are looking for great rates and great benefit.

We buy every form of Rolex from Submariner to Rolex DateJust to Rolex Yacht-Master, Mega  Buyers buys them all. Your watch specialists can consider your watch for what it’s well worth factoring industry demand and availability together with the issue of the watch and any repairs that want to be produced. In this way we will provide the fairest price possible to sell Rolex horology.

At Mega Buyers we truly appreciate the Rolex brand and also have for more than 30 years. We have an intense gratitude for the beauty and masterful engineering that adopts each used Rolex watch that Rolex sends to its Authorized Dealers. With this understanding we can provide you some of those most competitive prices to sell your Rolex watch. Our goal is to be the intermediary between buyers and vendors of Rolex luxury watches; people that no longer need their watch and folks who want a new watch. We buy watches from the public, mark them up minimally and sell them back to the public. We generally recycle by selling and buying from the public. Whether you need to buy or sell Rolex timepieces you can come to Metropolitan Buyers. So if you’re looking to sell your Rolex, deal direct with Mega Buyers Watches for the affordable whether you’re buying or selling.

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