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We specialize in buying luxury watches from people looking to sell their Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, IWC and other fine luxury watch makers. We also buy, sell and trade from our Manhattan location as well, please bring in any watch you wish to sell or trade for a great price and offer we are located in midtown Manhattan in NYC’s Diamond District and our watch buyer is located on the 2nd floor in #2E.


Sell Vintage Rolex Watch NYC


We buy all Rolex watches new or used and especially vintage. Did you know that your vintage Rolex watch can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. We buy, sell and trade for mens and women’s vintage Rolex watches and want to buy all Rolex models such as President, GMT, Yachtmaster, Submariner, Sea Dweller, Sky Dweller and any other model.

If you are located out of the New York City area you can still benefit from a high-paying watch offer. You can call us e-mail us for a free quote and then you can send it in where we will carefully examine it and then call you and give you your offer. We specialize in watches and have a high-end clientele that demands these top brands and will pay big cash for all your watches.




Welcome to our page dedicated to buying watches. We specialize in buying premiere and luxury watches from high-end designers. We buy all brands such as Rolex, Hublot, Piaget, Cartier, IWC, Tissot, Omega, Ulysse, Patek Philippe and more.

We make the process as easy and convenient as possible for you and if you are in the New York City are it is as easy as possible. You can call or e-mail us for” be sure to provide detailed information such as your watches make and model number as well as any pictures you may have and the condition. after that we will set up a meeting where you can bring your watch in for free and genuine appraisal upon agreement will make you an offer for your watch in cash which will be very high amount and you can leave our office very happy

We specialize in buying Hublot watches, if you are upgrading or just need cash we would gladly appraise and give you a quote for your Hublot watch.

sell hublot nyc


If Jay-Z, known for his collection of high-end watches, ever decided to sell them, we are hoping that he’ll stop by and see what we can offer him for those fashion-forward time pieces. Since that might not happen for some time, if ever, we are looking for others in the New York City area who are ready to upgrade to a new timepiece or if your in need of extra cash and want to sell your watch. Selling Cartiers, Rolex and Hublot Watches to make room for the next fancy wrist-enhancing piece is not something one does every day. On such occasions, there’s few places more equipped to appreciate the piece.

Many of these watches are bejeweled, and other watches may be categorized as antique, clustered with fine gems, have ornate designs or decorative jewels. Many are inlaid and so finely detailed that they were true statement pieces. When these type of top-tier watches change hands, they should end up in the possession of someone who appreciates their value.

The thing about high end luxury watches is that people who covet them also appreciate the quality of the workmanship. They selected the high-end piece for a multitude of reasons. Passing them on to an heir is one option. However, Metropolitan Buyers stands ready to offer premium dollar for such great watches, even if they are no longer working, have missing components, or have lost their fashion advantage. We have a high end clientele that demands these luxury time pieces.

Contact us now or fill out the form on the right to see what amazing money can be possible for parting with such time pieces.